About Us

Ensemble de la Belle Musique (EBM), literally translated as “Ensemble of Beautiful Music”, is the world’s premier chamber ensemble dedicated to premiering tonal, beautiful and melodious works by living composers from all over the world.

EBM was founded in October 2016 by Dr. Joseph Curiale, a well-known Emmy Award-nominated American film music composer who has worked in Hollywood for more than twenty-six years, Dr. Leonard Tan, a well-known local conductor and music educator, Low Shao Suan and Low Shao Ying, local twin pianists-composers, and Michael Thien, a local event organiser.

EBM features a group of talented and accomplished local musicians on piano and western orchestra instruments. EBM aims to provide the audience with a refreshing experience at every concert, where they will be the first in the world to listen to tonal and melodious world premieres written by living composers from all over the world. These works, ranging between 3 to 8 minutes, are written in various styles and in a mixture of different formations, ranging from solo up to a maximum of fifteen instruments, and they are easily accessible to people from all walks of life.

Since its founding, EBM has received more than 150 submissions from over 30 countries worldwide, and it has premiered more than 40 new works by composers from the following countries:

EBM’s tagline: “Beautiful music, from heart to heart”.

Our Mission
        • To encourage living composers to write melodious, tonal and universally accessible music
        • To provide a platform for living composers to showcase their works
        • To bring together the composers, the musicians and the audience
Our Vision
        • To make the world a better place by offering beauty, love, peace and inspiration through the music we present


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