“Good music by good musicians as everybody played well!! We enjoyed very much, from beginning to end, even to the Q&A (with the composers).” — C. Tan

“The works were of good cheer and hope, as promised.” — Anonymous

“Awesome to be here for witnessing (listening) to showcase of beautiful music. Melodious music that evokes feelings, memories.” — Janice

“The music was really nice.” — M. Liong

“Great to hear new compositions that’s actually tonal! — C. Lee

“High quality music.” — V. Thong

“It was quite interesting and it consisted of many short pieces. We can feel many colours of music with no pressure. I can get very different experience of appreciating music in recital studio.” — Anonymous

“Some soothing melodies, great ensemble playing and balance.” — D. Liew

“Really enjoyable. Very light and heart-warming.” — C. Chia

“Great pieces. Highly enjoyable. Good performance too! Proud of our local talent.” — Julie

“Music was awesome!” — Iva

“Quite a beautiful concert with wonderfully festive pieces. The selections were wonderful and perfect for the Christmas season.” — Anonymous

“It’s great to hear new Christmas music. The music is accessible.” — Luka

“Light-hearted. Smiles on the players. We get to hear the pieces for the first time in a performance ‘live’ with the composers – the surprise.” — S. Soh

“Sets a nice mood for Christmas. Simple and nice, no hassle.” — M. Li

“The music was lovely, and the musicians played very musically!” — Anonymous

“Light, easy listening, beautifully played, humorous introduction. Compositions were new but nostalgic.” — J. Buckley

“Lovely compositions.” — Jade

“Easy listening a à la Andre Riau style.” — Tan. K. T.

“The music was very enjoyable.” — P. Choo

“It’s casual and not too formal for enjoyment.” — V. D. L. Wallup

“Enjoyed the variety of genres and Q&A session (with the composers).” — A. Tan

“Timely for the festive season! Fun to hear something different from what we hear from the shopping malls! Musicians are awesome!!” — Tan Y. H.

“True music with sincerity.” — K. Teo

“The music was beautiful.” — Anonymous

“Enjoyed the wide variety of music that cater to the majority.” — Anonymous

“It was very fun and the music was very good.” — E. Choo

“We enjoyed the pieces as they were composed by people who are still alive. There is an introduction by the emcee before every piece and we get to see the composers.” — Dr. Lee L. T.

“All the pieces were brilliant and I enjoyed them immensely. I, for one, feel that both the composers and the performers ought to be applauded.” — R. Tan

“It is very relaxing and enjoyable.” — Benjamin

“It was up close and personal. I was able to have a good feel of the other instruments otherwise rarely heard. I enjoyed the different styles of the music even though circled around Christmas time.” — A. M. Clarice

“Lovely contemporary works! Very nice compositions!” — N. Chiu

“Nice diversity in music pieces.” — S. Loh

“Enjoyed the wonderful music!” — J. Bok

“It was sensational to enjoy Christmas-inspired compositions in sunny Singapore.” — C. Long

“We had a good time!” — K. Ching

“It was truly music to the ears! We enjoyed the concert very much. Beautiful compositions that are well presented.” — J. Koh

“Lovely music.” — Anonymous

“Good ensemble playing. I enjoyed the coherent theme and world premiered compositions performed.” — Cheng P. Y.

“Love the compositions! Fresh, new.” — Seow S. L.

“Beautiful music that moves one’s heart. I enjoyed everything.” O. Teo-Koh

“Great varieties of music and musicians expressed them well!” — Anonymous

“It has been a new experience for me. I have started to learn piano. Such inspirational. I enjoyed the calming, peaceful music. Dramatic music taking you to another place. Wonderful!” — J. Hill

“I enjoyed the mix variety of musical compositions with a common theme.” — E. Hill

“I enjoyed the concert because of the diversity.” — M. Wiegel

“I enjoyed the short pieces with adequate performance duration to sustain listener’s interest, and to listen to so many different compositions in one concert!” — Anonymous

“Varied and eclectic.” — V. Seow

“Beautiful music. Great performance. Get to listen to great works of our time.” — R. Ng

“The pieces played were fantastic.” — Ma L. L.

“It was easy to listen to, tuneful and all new pieces. The programme was diverse. I enjoyed understanding the context in which these pieces were composed.” — Ho H. Y.

“Each piece is melodious, short & sweet.” — Anonymous

“Really love the beautiful & melodious music and able to meet the composers in person.” — J. Lee

“Great artist or rather musicians. I enjoyed the original music.” — Anonymous

“Well chosen pieces for all!! Music was indeed BELLE.” — A. Lim

“We enjoyed it very much. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enjoy beautiful music.” — V. Lum

“After attending their inaugural concert last year, I’ve been quietly looking forward to their 2nd, which was held just a few hours ago. Glad to say that my patience was well rewarded. My choir student pianists and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Just like before, it was a world premier for every piece of music presented at the concert! EBM as they call themselves, certainly kept true to their Vision and Mission statements:

1. To encourage living composers to write melodious and universally accessible music.

2. To provide a platform for living composers to showcase their works.

3. To help make the world a better place by offering the public beauty, love, peace and inspiration through the music we present.

Congratulations once again to the lovely Low sisters, Shao Suan, Shao Ying and their team for putting this concert together. I would like to wish them and EBM great success and shall now wait for their next concert.”  — F. Liew

“The balance was good, the percussionist played well, the musicians were all very expressive in their playing.” — Kelly

“Variety of music brings different mood & enjoyable night.” — Anonymous

“A unique experience listening to beautiful music by living composers.” — Chiu S. C.

“Refreshing to hear new works.” — Anonymous

“Supporting local and international composers.” — Farhan

“I enjoyed listening to various styles from the various composers.” — Anonymous

“I enjoyed the concert very much. Eye-opening!” — Anonymous

“More new Christmas music in debut, and the newer the pieces the greater!” — D. Choo

“I could feel the joy and festive spirit just by watching the concert.” — W. Yee

“Every piece was brilliant!” — Anonymous

“Many pieces of the music sound really nice.” — Anonymous

“The pieces are very magical.” — M. Ooi

“It’s melodious & calms the heart & mind. It was meaningful listening to the composers on the inspiration behind their music.” — Anonymous

“The concert was nice! Refreshing after a long day’s work.” — Chua B. Z.

“Beautiful array of music.” — Anonymous

“Love to hear original music.” — Dr. E. M.

“Congrats to both accomplished pianists and thank you for a wonderful evening filled with joyous moments. Music to my ears, literally. It was beautiful. Thank you.” — L. Chow

“I could visualise Christmas scenes in my head when listening to the music.” — S. Kawaai

“Well done & good effort. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” — Lim Y. H.

“Really enjoyed tonight’s concert.” — C. Chia

“Lovely Christmas concert, cozy vibes, we are blessed to be the first audience to enjoy all these musical premieres.” — Pan H. J.

“I really enjoyed myself.. Puts me into the Christmas mood very well. And the ensemble!! They are so good! Very colourful, sensitive and reliable. So happy to see EBM go from strength to strength!” — A. Choo

“My friends and I thank you so much for a fantastic night of really beautiful music! We will be back for more!!” — Ida

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