Leonello Capodaglio was born on October 6, 1945 and resides in Lendinara, in the Venetian region of Italy.

Having developed activities as a pianist, composer, harpsichord soloist and conductor, he was Director of the National Conservatory of Music of Adria and director of various chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras. He has won ten international composition competitions. He was the author of 290 opus numbers composed in tonal style, published by 44 editions in Italy, France, Belgique, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, USA and Canada.

As a musicologist, he discovered the fonocromatica technique used by Antonio Vivaldi. His biography is found in many dictionaries in Italian, French, German, and English languages.

Contact information: leonellocapodaglio@gmail.com

Venetian Christmas Fantasy

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