Shaun Wesley (Gan Li Kiong) is a Singaporean composer, music producer and violinist. Based in L.A., he has, since a young age, trained hard in attempting to perfect his craft. Majoring in film scoring and contemporary writing and production, Shaun is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston. An extremely passionate person by nature, he is absolutely apt at dramatic scoring to film, and instinctively detailed to minute features of movement, facial expression, dramatic twists. A very involved person with the projects he undertakes, going on site to see the shoots in a film as much as possible to create an accurate depiction of characters, themes and music, meeting with designers to view collections and choosing or compositing “Couture” music tailored to the collection. In addition, working with people with an extremely humble, personal attitude has allow a deeper client-composer connection and thereby enhancing the quality of the work.

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“Lovers Beyond” & “Dangerous Love” from “Memoirs of the Extraordinary”

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